Versatile and pleasant, this Montsant combines with almost everything!

This is a wine made entirely with grapes bought from local growers. Its name is the date of St. Gregory’s Day: in Falset we have a chapel dedicated to him, in the reconstruction of which our great-grandfather Evarist Giné played an important role.

Generic characteristics: A dry red wine, complex due to the combination of aromas originating from the grape and the wood.

Type of soil: Meteorised primary granite.

Serving temperature: Between 16 and 18ºC.

Pairings: A wine that is easy to drink, smooth, fresh and very versatile. It combines well with all types of foods, and is recommended with white meats, salads, goat’s cheeses, soups, sausages and wild mushrooms. Also rice dishes with all kinds of ingredients.
Among the various cooking methods we single out grilling, steaming and boiling: in general, simple and light dishes. Also suitable for all types of raw foods.

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