Wine adventure

This is an adventure designed for everyone with some activities/tests to pass about the process of winemaking, which are distributed around the estate and inside the winery. The participants will be organized in teams and will have a competition by passing the different stages and activities. In each stage they will find the steps of winemaking like harvest, selection of the grapes, bottling and labelling, and blind tasting. This activity can be adapted to any age, so anyone can be part of this amazing adventure!

Visit + Gymkhana: €38/person (including VAT)
Approximate duration: 3 hours
Minimum 10 persons

Wine tasting course and visit

Enjoy an introductory course to wine tasting managed by a professional of the winery, which will teach the methodology to be followed to properly assess the characteristics of a wine at the time of the tasting, identifying colours, aromas and the different varieties available, being able to do your own note of tasting.

Wine tasting course + visit: €35/person (including VAT)
Approximate duration: 2.5 - 3 hours
Minimum 10 persons

Winemaker for a day

This activity attempts to develop a high-quality and meticulous teamwork. It is an activity in which besides having fun, participants must be able to coordinate and unify criteria, using the five senses, to become Oenologist for a day.

Participants will be organized in teams and will have to produce their own wine. They will have a specific time and limited resources. During the activity they are going to taste, smell, making the blend, bottle and design the label of their own wine. All teams will have the same materials and requirements by the organization. Creativity, instinct and good taste will be essential to get a good result.

Therefore, while participants have fun, this is a good dynamic to develop teamwork skills, leadership, creativity, imagination and resolve unforeseen.

Winemakers will take away one bottle of their wine and winner team will receive an additional surprise award!

Price of the activity: minimum €750/group (groups of min. 10 persons)
Approximate duration: 2.5 - 3 hours approx.
Groups of more than 12 persons, each additional person €65/person (at prior request).


Spend a day in the Priorat, among vineyards, good wines and fine food.

  1. WELCOME BREAKFAST to build up energy for the working day in the vineyards.
    The group moves to a vineyard next to the winery. Once there, they will be provided with all necessary to harvest: gloves, scissors and boxes. Guided by a specialist of Buil&Giné, the participants will harvest following the traditional methods of the zone.
    Once harvested enough quantity of grapes, we move them to the cellar, where we will select by hand the optimal berries, do the destemming and the crushing of the grapes following the traditional mode, the one used by our grandparents to obtain wine. The more adventurous can try the juice obtained immediately!
  3. GUIDED VISIT TO THE WINERY, finishing with a glass of our Giné Rosé wine.
*only during the harvest time (September-October)

Breakfast + Harvest + Guided visit: €75/person (including VAT)
Approximate duration: 4 hours
Minimum 15 persons, this activity is also designed for children. Ask us about price and conditions.

"Team Building" activities for companies

We design all kinds of proposals to meet the requirements of each company: hire of spaces, lunches, coffee breaks, dinners, enogastronomic activities, cooking and pairing workshops, and so on.

More details from or +34 977 839 810.

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