DO Rueda

Geographical zone: Located primarily in the Community of Castile and León, and composed of 74 municipalities, of which 53 are in the south of the province of Valladolid, 17 in the west of Segovia and 4 in the north of Ávila.

Type of soil: The pH of its soils ranges from 7 to 8. These geological substrates have evolved at the surface level into arid soils over stony chelonian deposits, giving rise to the typical gravelly terrains that host the finest vineyards of the DO Rueda.

Climatic conditions: Due to its latitude, the Rueda district forms part of the Mediterranean area, but its altitude means it is subject to continental influence. Rainfall is scarce and thermal oscillations are substantial.

Types of wines: The Rueda character is defined by three elements: the Verdejo variety grape, autochthonous to the zone, the continental climate and its type of soil.

Rueda Wines

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