DO Toro

Geographical zone: Toro is a Denomination of Origin of the provinces of Zamora and Valladolid. Lying alongside the River Duero, the production zone includes 12 municipalities of the province of Zamora and 3 of Valladolid, with the town of Toro as the centre of the region.

Type of soil: The vineyards lie at altitudes of between 600 and 750 metres, the soil is brown with a sandy texture, poor in organic material and with a low content of mineral salts.

Climatic conditions: The climate is continental, and annual rainfall ranges between 350 and 400 mm.

Types of wines: The grape varieties used are Tinta de Toro (an autochthonous variety), Grenache, Verdejo and Malvasía.

Toro Wines

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