The finest introduction to the essence of the Priorat.

This is the first wine we made.
We like to say that this is the finest introduction to the essence of the Priorat.
If you don’t know anything about the Priorat, or you know it and you want to recover its essence, this is your wine.
Fruity and mineral, as a Priorat has to be, and with no interference at all.
It is so versatile that we call it "our wine for all seasons".

Generic characteristics: Dry red wine full of the aromas of the ripe grape, and fresh at the same time. Very fruity.

Type of soil: Llicorella (slate of the Carboniferous period).

Serving temperature: Between 16 and 18ºC.

Pairings: A wine that is characterised above all by its enormous versatility. It combines very well with foods with floral touches, with aromatic herbs, pepper, anise or cinnamon, balsamic touches, toast or pastries, and also with robust, meaty fish.
The most suitable cooking methods… it is difficult to make a selection… it is a wine conceived to accompany everything! But we could single out stews and casseroles, spicy dishes and risottos.

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