Our soul and our origin. Our grandfather.

Our star wine. The perfect representation of Buil & Giné.
A wine that is important enough to bear the name of our grandfather, Joan Giné.
It has always met with great international recognition, especially for its excellent price-quality ratio.

Generic characteristics: Dry red wine, complex due to the combination of aromas originating from the grape and the wood.

Type of soil: Llicorella (slate of the Carboniferous period).

Serving temperature: Between 16 and 18ºC. We recommend decanting it before serving.

Pairings: A well-structured, persistent, full-bodied, voluptuous wine with a long finish. It combines well with red meats and in general with foods with a high protein content. Also with certain cured cheeses and foie. Most recommended cooking methods: casseroles, stews and preserves. Also with sauces with a bitter touch (sauces with orange, bitter almonds, even dark chocolates with a bitter base).

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