The proof of what can be done.

This wine reflects our philosophy applied to white grape varieties. It is very interesting: like other whites of this area, it is a wine to be drunk chilled, but in many cases it can be served like a red.

Generic characteristics: Dry white wine, with fruity and floral aromas in combination with a broad and well-structured palate. Its complexity reveals its notable personality. With a mineral background, it is mature, silky in the mouth and meaty.

Type of soil: Llicorella (slate of the Carboniferous period).

Serving temperature: between 10 and 14ºC.

Pairings: A fruity, tropical, mature, silky and meaty wine. It combines with all types of fish, and particularly with seafood. Also with white meat and green vegetables. Suitable for moderately sweet desserts like puddings and natural fruit. And perfect for enjoying it alone! Most appropriate cooking methods: grilling, roasting, steaming and stewing.

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