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This is the vanguard of our wines; an example of how we are capable of adapting and taking advantage of new technical know-how to produce fine wines and improve day by day.
To make Nosis we use a very aromatic and expressive variety, Verdejo, which traditionally produces a young wine with a very short life, but with the new technologies we make wines that are much fruitier and long-lasting.

Generic characteristics: Dry white wine, fresh and very fruity.

Type of soil: Terraces over the River Duero. Sandy-loamy soil with abundant cobbles in its first horizon, and clayey-loamy in the second horizon.

Serving temperature: Between 10 and 14ºC.

Pairings: A dry, fresh and very fruity white wine. Complex, with notes of tropical fruits: pineapple, mango, passion-fruit. Very well-balanced in the mouth while having very intense aromas.
It combines well with white and blue fish and seafood. A refreshing accompaniment for all types of appetizers. Perfect with rice dishes and baked and grilled fish, and surprising with smoked fish. Ideal for rice dishes with fish.

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