Enjoy it slowly, with all five senses...

"A pleret" is a Catalan expression that means "slowly, calmly, step by step", which is the way to enjoy this wine!
This is our proposal: a wine which, once opened, allows us to discover and enjoy "a pleret" a vast range of sensations and aromas... A true experience that conveys the essence of the Priorat and its ancient vineyards.

Generic characteristics: Dry red wine, complex due to the combination of the aromas originating from the grape and the casks.

Type of soil: Llicorella (slate of the Carboniferous period).

Serving temperature: Between 16 and 19ºC. We recommend decanting it before serving.

Pairings: A very elegant, well-structured, mineral wine with Grenache-style sweetness. It combines with both meats and fish, salads with forest fruits, jams and soya. Also with non-citric and rather sweet desserts like nougats, coulants, etc. It makes exquisite pairings with sweet-and-sour contrasts, caramelised onion, soya, compotes, chocolate sauces, etc.

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