Tenacity in the discovery of a past full of contrasts...

This is a late-harvest wine.
In the years before the phylloxera plague, when every last niche of our district was a vineyard, and simply because there was so much work to do, the harvest finished very late and the last wines made were naturally very sweet. Now we have reproduced that experience, producing sweet white and red wines.

Generic characteristics: Flavourful, dense, voluminous and very pleasant, with many nuances reminiscent of red fruit jams.

Type of soil: Llicorella (slate of the Carboniferous period).

Serving temperature: Between 6 and 8ºC.

Pairings: A flavourful, dense, voluminous and very pleasant wine with touches reminiscent of fruit jams.
It combines well with pâtés and foie and moderately savoury appetizers, Roquefort cheese in particular. Also suitable with desserts based on chocolate and fresh fruit.
Simple, raw options and moderate sweets and savouries.

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